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We're just a bunch of Doctor Who fans (and Torchwood fans, and Sarah Jane Adventures fans, etc.) who like asking and answering and organising questions about Doctor Who and all its spin-offs from all licensed media (such as TV stories, audio stories, novels, comics... We don't discriminate by media).  We are not associated with the BBC in any way, and don't know anybody related to the production of any related stories.  We don't make the show.  We only watch it.  Please keep that in mind when asking questions, and we will have to delete any questions asking for contact with those who make the show because, simply put, we just can't answer them.

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Want to know when a certain alien first appeared in Doctor Who? Curious about what licensed novels featured a certain character? Maybe you want to confirm that that one character said what you thought they said, or want to know what planet a certain kind of space ship is from.  Whatever it is, as long as it's related to the television show Doctor Who and its licensed spin-off shows and stories in various media, feel free to pop your question in the white box at the top of the page and hit the "ask" button beside it.  Know the answer to a question somebody else has asked?  Go ahead and write the answer by clicking the question and writing your response in the white box under it.  If there is an answer already there, you can add to it by clicking the edit button beside or under the question. So, ready to enter and share the world of Doctor Who?

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To maximize your enjoyment of this Q and A site, we ask if you could please have a quick glance through our policies page so you know what we want people to do and not do here. Please do this, as we take policy violation very seriously here, and all questions breaking policy will be deleted and anyone repeatedly caught breaking the rules may have to be blocked.  For your sake and ours, please take some time to know what is expected of you.  You can find our policies page here.

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