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What did The Doctor say to River in Let's Kill Hitler?

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People have speculated he could have told her that he loved River Song however others think it more likely he told her his name. In Forest of the dead the Doctor said that there was only one time he could ever tell anyone his name, perhaps this could be when he believes he is dying. // He told her to tell River his name. His name unlocked the TaRDiS' telepathic interface to her. TaRDiS then told her everything she immediately needed to know. ( Supposition, of course -- but -- really! )

According to Alex Kingston, what Matt Smith whispered while they were shooting that scene was, "So, you used to look like Nina?", and she almost ruined the take by cracking up. But of course that's probably not what his character said in-universe. :)

Anyway, given that she replied, "Well, I'm sure she knows", his name doesn't seem to fit, while "Tell her that I love her" definitely does.

Ultimatly both could have been said and her responce was simily to the one of most importance to her.


I reckon he must have told her he loved her because Melody's reaction seems to fit with that.. If he'd told her his name then she would most likely have just been confused. Also, she sidestepped the question by Rory of what did he tell her.. If he told her his name then it seems likely she'd just say "his name" whereas it would be more difficult to tell her parents that he was in love with someone named River, who at that point she suspected to be herself..

Also, she seemed almost scared when she started to suspect that River was her, and knowing she's just killed someone who was in love with her seems to fit with that


"Anyway, given that she replied, "Well, I'm sure she knows", his name doesn't seem to fit, while "Tell her that I love her" definitely does"

I disagree with this - if he told her his name, and she assumed 'River Song' was the Doctors love/wife, whatever,

then she'd think it would be obvious for her to know his name...

He told her to look in his "eye" to see a miniture him in the Teselecta.

In the episode forest of the dead he said theres only one time he could tell someone his name, that is if hes dieing without being able to regernate;


"In the episode forest of the dead he said theres only one time he could tell someone his name, that is if hes dieing without being able to regernate"

I disagree with this because the only way he could tell someone his name is on the fields of trenzalore, on the fall of the 11th, that question will be asked, and silence will fall.


In "The Name of the Doctor" River states that she made the Doctor tell her his name. I don't think his name fits in this scene.

However, asking her to tell River Song that he loves her, or that he cares about her would make more sense. Also, remember in "Journey's End" that they more had the meta-crisis Doctor whisper that he loved her into her ear, rather than allow us to hear those words.


He could have said both, really: he could have said "Tell her that [INSERT_DOCTOR_NAME] loves her."


I am fairly certain that the Doctor told River Song his name during "Let's Kill Hitler". At least, that is what I took from the episode. The way River Song says, "Well, I'm sure she knows" kind of ends abruptly, almost like it was more of "Well, I'm sure she knows-" as in she was going to continue to say, "your name". But then the Doctor stops breathing, and she doesn't continue the rest of the sentence.

That is what I interpreted, but this is all speculation. We don't actually know what the Doctor whispered. He could have very well whispered "Tell River that I love her." Whatever the Doctor told River, whether it was his name or an "I love you", it obviously moved River enough to give up her regeneration to save him. Even if it was his name, River would have had to understand how monumentally important it was for a Time Lord to reveal his or her name. I mean, she was conditioned to kill the Doctor, and that would also mean knowing any available information about him.

Like the Doctor said in "Forest of the Dead", there was only one reason he would ever tell someone his name. It is sort of implied that the only reason a Time Lord will reveal his name for anyone is if he or she deeply trusted that person, the kind of trust that is reserved for a significant other. Earlier in the episode, it was already heavily implied that they were going to be married in the future after a comment that the Doctor and River are like an old, squabbling married couple. It isn't coincidence that River whispered the Doctor's name in his ear right after that was said. It was the only way to gain the Doctor's trust.

And obviously, the Doctor never told River Song his name during the Wedding of River Song. He said, "Look into my eye", revealing to River that it was actually just a ruse, but the Universe had to believe the Doctor died, including Amy and Rory, which is why the Doctor said out loud, "I just told you my name."

In the "Name of the Doctor", River says she knows the Doctor's name, and she "made him". This is River being cryptic. She "made him", because, technically, he was dying because she poisoned him.

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