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What happened to Rose?

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At the end of Journey's End, the Doctor returned Rose and Jackie to the parallel universe, along with the Meta-Crisis Doctor. Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor fell in love and lived happily ever after.[1]

They may have a chunk of 'TARDIS coral' that they can use to grow a new TARDIS, although it will take decades.[2]

References Edit

  1. Of course we don't see the whole rest of their lives after they kiss, but RTD, Julie Gardner, and Billie Piper all refered to it as a 'happily-ever-after' ending in Confidential and later interviews.
  2. The scene featuring the TARDIS coral was deleted from the broadcast episode, and only appeared on the DVD. In interviews, when asked whether they have the coral, RTD said, 'If it's up to me, it's probably canon', and Julie Gardner said, 'Oh, I'm sure they'll be off exploring their universe'.

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