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Why isn't peter cushing an official doctor who,then matt smith would be 12th doctor?

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He isn't because he isn't, so he isn't.

your answer to my question makes no sense

It does make sense if you match the answer to the question. To expand: Cushing isn't counted as an official Doctor because he isn't one, so Matt Smith isn't the 12th Doctor.

The BBC onlu counts Doctors who played the part in a BBC Television Episode, and were identified as "the Doctor" onscreen in a tv episode. Thus, Peter Cushing, and any other Doctor who only appears in non-tv media doesn't count.

No Doctor ever regenerated into the Peter Cushing Doctor, and the Peter Cushing Doctor never regenerated into another Doctor, so it just doesn't work. I've never seen the movies, but my understanding is that Cushing played a human scientist named Doctor Who, who invented a machine called the Tardis, and then went to basically the same stories as a couple of First Doctor episodes. It just isn't possible to fit that with the TV version.Icecreamdif (talk) 15:00, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

Peter Cushing's spacetime machinewas called "Tardis", not "the TARDIS". Susan and Barbara were his granddaughters. And yes, it was basically the first two Dalek stories, dumbed down.

  • In the late 1960s, Cushing recorded a pilot episode for a Doctor Who radio series that was never picked up. Had it been produced, he would have apparently been playing a TV-consistent Doctor, rather than the Dr. Who character of the movies. That would have called into question where Smith and the other Doctors fall.

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